From 1976 TORNOVA SRL is a reliable partner able to satisfy every needs in the field of the production of PRECISION TURNED PARTS for different industrial markets such as: Automotive, Telecommunication Systems, Electromechanics, Pressure and Temperature, Oleodynamics, Pneumatics, Heating and Cooling Systems, Medical, etc.…

Through our experience we can suggest solutions to REDUCE THE COSTS and improve the functionality of the parts we produce. We also give a LOGISTIC support to our customers through agreements for the keeping in stock of the parts we supply them. We donít want to be just a supplier but we want to be a PARTNER for our customers and we work every day to reach that target looking for continuous improvements.

Our production system is certified according to the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

We work all the metallic MATERIALS suitable for the tooling machines such as:
- Brass
- Ecobrass
- Stainless steel
- Steel
- Copper
- Alluminium
Our range of production goes from 1mm up to 60 mm in diameter, in production lots from 1.000 pcs up to 10.000.000 pcs.
  TORNOVA s.r.l. - Via delle Industrie, 51/53 - 20035 LISSONE (MI) - P.Iva 02264880960 - Tel. +39 039 482717 - Fax +39 039 2458222